Monday, June 02, 2008

prOn + Vodafone = prOnofone

Yes, so liek when you activate EDGE/GPRS on Vodafone, you keep getting links in your inbox, as in, Free pics, wallpapers, ringtones and all. That's cool. Liek fEr ReAl >_>

A few months ago, I accessed an "adult" site on my cell, and since then I have been receiving "kinky links". For instance.

Haseen nazaron ka luft uthaye apne mobile..Click kare *link*

Bollywood Queens
All Bollywood Queens photos and ringtones! Click on link *link*

Sizzling Models for your mobile! Click on link *link*

Phoren Item (Phoren, seriously, it was PHOREN)
Andaz hai PHOREN ITEM ka nirala, banaye inhe kare *link*

Rangeeli hasinao ko download karne keliye click kare *link*

Pamela Anderson (Got this 5 times, don't know what's with Vodafone and Pamela)
Pamela Anderson's unlimted FREE photos on your mobile for 1 hour! Click on link *link*

Cheer Girls
Cheer girls se sajaye apne mobile ko. Click kare *link*

Sometimes, I get religious links too :/

Vodafone tracks you. They even read your messages! I came to know this from an insider. Umm, ok, my cousin works there. And since the day she has told me about this, I stopped visiting kinky sites :S

Vodafone owns me :(