Monday, June 02, 2008


A few days ago, I had this conversation with a friend.

Me : Oyeeeee
Him : Hola! Sup?
Me : Nothing much, how come you onlien today?
Him : Jlt.
Me : Jlt?
Him : Lol dude Jlt.
Me : :/
Him : Omg! Noob, you don't know JLT?
Me :
*more pwnage*

And I got a scrap from a friend.

"Nothing much, jlt."

So what exactly is JLT?
JLT means Just Liek That. How cool eh? And I did not know :/
Now JLT could also mean, umm, John Loves Toys.
Or maybe Jamaica Loves Tutankhamen.
This is so cool.
How about LOL?
Love Of Lemons, Love Of Lizards, Lizards On Lemons, Loving Obese Ladies, Lots Of Licking.

How about LMAO?
Leave Me Alone Ok, Lend My Ass Out, Linux My Antichrist Overlord, Labeling My Aristocratic Orangutans.

How about OMFG?
Old Mens Fiery Genitals, Obese Motherly Funky Giraffe, Old Mexicans Found Germany.

Really Old Fat Lusty Witch Ate Forty Five Little Edible Sausages!

Omgwtflol! XD
Uncyclopedia is roxx.

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arte said...

didnt know abt jlt before! :/