Monday, June 02, 2008


PIYC, pronounced as "Pik", stands for Piss In Your Chaddi. Derived by the one who should not be named, it is used when a person sees, touches, witnesses, feels etc etc anything that's insanely awesome and out of this world, and which literally makes him/her/him+her piss in him/her/him+her chaddi.
(For international users, chaddi = underwear)

For instance..

"Omgwtf! That band is so PIYC! (PIK)"
"Waaooww! She's so PIYC!"
"You heard that album? It's so PIYC."

And yes, please do mention the name of the one who should not be named whenever you use this gr1m and kvlt term.

This post is so PIYC.