Saturday, September 20, 2008

Walk Walk Walk

Heh. 19th September. What an awesome day. Adventure, in every sense.
So I wake up. And it's raining. Like heavily. I have to be at the Club Mahindra HQ by 11am. Summer training, tele marketing calls. Sucks to the core. I somehow make it. All wet though. Like literally wet. No, not in that sense. As in, wet, rainy wet. For the first time ever, I totally hated teh AC. I was already wet, and it was like so friggin' cold in that room. The only thing hot in that room was uuuh our training teacher. Offered us coffee. And I was like "oh wow coffee" drink drink. And after drinking, I realized that I was fasting. Selfpwn. And the funny thing is, after I was done with the coffee, she asked me "You don't fast?". Pissed me off so bad. I mean. She could've asked me the same thing before offering the coffee. But then again, she was hot. And I was like "No no, not today." Heh. Women. So seducingly evil.

Evening, it's still raining. Like heavily. I somehow make it to the auto stand. It's a battle ground. People literally humping autos. No chance. I can't imagine myself sitting in the lappy of a 45yr old "chubby&wet" aunty. Skip. Move on to the main road. Same scene. People humping rickshaws. And now I need to piss. I could hear my bladder crying. So I call up my cousin. She works at an MNC. I went there, all wet. I didn't go to the toilet. We both left. And after walking for a while, I said "I need to piss". I just couldn't hold it in there. So we went back. And there I was, pissing in the toilet of an MNC. What an awesome feeling it was. She stayed. She had other plans I guess. I left.

I must've walked around 10kms in heavy rain. The real creepy adventure started now. So I was standing outside her office. No autos/rickshaws. So I walked, and walked, and walked. And I walked all the way to home. 2-3 hours I guess. And it was still raining heavily. The only thing that scared the shit out of me were those electricity cables. Brrrr. And ofcourse, the traffic.

Epic day it was. Once in a lifetime thinger. I'm so proud of myself >_> I'm sad about only one thing though. The coffee thing. Sigh.


Ananya said...

Bwhahahahah. I still cant stop LOLing on the morning conversation regarding your sophistication. Bwhahahaha. I cant make it public either. Hahahaha.

Amjad Khan said...

That conversation is one thing I'll never forget. I'm still ROFLing and LOLing. XD

Dr. Killjoy said...

Whats this about rickshaws humping??

Amjad Khan said...

I will tell you privately. In detail.

Aparajita Paul said...

oye .. what IS selfpwn ? :S

Aparajita Paul said...

I resolve every year to accompany my mom in fasting, but I never am able to .. :/

School mein agar koi chowmein le aata hai .. toh bass .. i just cant think of anything else .. :(

BUT, this year i did it .. all thanks to AoL .. lulz ..

at least till today ..

Aparajita Paul said...

where did you get this blog template ?? i dont find it in the list of templates available?