Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spiritual Midgets.

Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, were created by God in the heavenly Garden of Eden.
God created Adam out of dust, and then Eve out of his rib. Strange. They were allowed to live in this garden but weren't allowed to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Now this Tree of Knowledge offered the ability to understand good and evil, something which only God could do at that time. On the other hand, there was the Tree Of Life.
Fruits of this tree offered immortality, a spiritual connection with God at a higher level. Sadly, Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, and made Adam eat as well. Forever they were banished from the Garden Of Eden, for disobeying God. They were tempted to eat, all thanks to the serpent, as in, Satan. Yes, Satan lured Eve into eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. God gave them a choice. Had they not eaten from that tree, things would've been different. Now, instead of receiving, they had to earn. Earn everything on their own, from scratch. That's what humans do.
For their sin, we are paying. Fair?
We wouldn't be here if they didn't fall for the serpent's trap. Adam and Eve would still be living in the Garden Of Eden, on a spiritual level.

It's quite funny actually. God created man, someone who could disobey Him. Why would He do that? Satan tempts us. God tests us. Like really, what is going on here? God and Satan, both seem like two little kids or uuh midgets fighting over an action figure :/
That action figure be us, humanity.

God has given us a choice. Worship or face the wrath, as in Hell. This doesn't seem like a choice. Seems more like "Follow the system or else you're screwed". Why not any other option? Like maybe "Live, do whatever you want to, I don't care" :S
God wants us to worship Him. Remember Him. Love Him. Fear Him. Praise Him. Extreme Narcissism?

God and Satan, two good friends. I don't know why I believe in that. Satan tempts us to do unholy things, drive us to the edge of insanity, and then we kill, others and ourselves. That's how it's done. People die, and we say, it was God's wish. Or maybe, Satan forces us into the whole killing thing, and then God kills us. Murderers eh? Or maybe it's their way of controlling population :S

If Jesus died for our sins, then why is there suffering all around? Why is God testing us all the time? What is the purpose of life? To pass His tests? That's it? And what do we get in return? Heaven? An imaginary place? An illusion? We don't even know if it exists. Fail the tests, and you are on your way to Hell. Why do Heaven and Hell exist? Why not something else?

I see a pattern, a system in every religion.
1. There is God.
2. There is Satan.
3. There is the Heaven and Hell concept.

And all these lead to only one conclusion.
Gods don't create religions. Religions create Gods. Satan and God are complimentary to each other. Without Satan, God wouldn't exist. Without God, Satan wouldn't exist. It's like an authoritarian system. Under authority, under God, we feel safe and secure. And some like to break free from this system.

/end of gibberish


EccEntrIcIty pErsOnIfIEd said...

Absence of Light is Darkness
Absence of Evil is Good
Absence of SATAN is GOD...

or so i've heard!!!

Dr. Killjoy said...

"God is a little kid with an ant-farm." Where have I heard this line??

Amjad Khan said...


Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

Freak man!!

You can blog sense!! Sheet!! :0

I feel like a friggin toy by the nd of the post... A toy to two twins who are world apart and are fighting to play with this toy in their own ways...huh...

Ananya said...

You ever knew this ? :O

Amjad Khan said...

Knew what? :S

Dr. Killjoy said...

\Constantine pwns j00/

By the way, have I told you that the concept of heaven and hell is only present in 3 religions which are basically sister religions of each other. Namely Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Other than these religions all religions believe that life on earth is the last and there is no other life after death...FYI.

Amjad Khan said...

You already told me that. :/

Dr. Killjoy said...

Oh yes I did. Yeahahahahahahahaha!!

Aparajita Paul said...

I guess you told this - religions create God, once to me.


the point is what you think of heaven and hell .. all are relative to each other .. we compare, and then we claim which one is hell and which is heaven ..

basically it is not about heaven or hell even .. who knows maybe the life we are leading now is worse than hell ? and then, if we end up in hell, we would find it heaven ?

what am i rambling .. ohho !

Dr. Killjoy said...

I totally lost you in the end Lady Da Vinci.

Amjad Khan said...

Her comment actually makes sense. Nice nice.

Dr. Killjoy said...

I'm still lost.

Mimz said...

It really is just an elaborate scheme to control the population.

Amjad Khan said...