Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Sign

An intimation of your love.
Hides behind a disguise.
Your presence, so phlegmatic.
Leaving you, unwise.

Can't stop staring.
Wonder what you're thinking.
Looking from behind the curtain.
The poison, I keep on drinking.

A sign, you think of me.
Alone, all by yourself.
Stare at my photograph.
There, in your hands.

Wash my feelings away.
Another sip of poison.
Look through the glass.
Wait for another sign.

Push the memories away.
They return, so vivid.
The poison in my veins.
Fail to turn them black.

Soothing words once said.
Passionate deeds once done.
Take me back to the time.
Where I felt complete.

The candle that burns.
Slowly fades away.
Wax fills my empty heart.
Tomorrow I may never wake.


Dr. Killjoy said...

"Alone, all by youself."?? Typo!!

I dont understand. Is something wrong?? Whats with all the fluffy feelings coming out??

Amjad Khan said...

Thank you plz. iFix it.
Something wrong? Everything is wrong. Ok ok just kidding. No my friend. Nothing is wrong.

Aparajita Paul said...

Hmmm ..

You used nice emo words. <33