Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh so

You in front of me.
Oh so curvaceous.
The sparkle in your eyes
Oh so glorious
Your crimson red lips.
Oh so luscious.
Your breath on my skin.
Oh so pervious.
Your lips on mine.
Oh so infectious.
My every sense.
Oh so delirious.
In each others arms.
Oh so tenacious.
Sing the song of love.
Oh so melodious.


Ananya said...

Pervert :P

Amjad Khan said...

Thank you plz >_>

Dr. Killjoy said...



Come on man you can do better.

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

Urs... original??

Dhaasoon.. man!!

Amjad Khan said...

Yes plz. >_>
iAwesome. <_<

Aparajita Paul said...

yikes !

this sucks ! :/

you write much better ..