Sunday, May 10, 2009

You, You and You.

You talk about your ex and your bf at the same time. You stop doing that. It annoys me. Alot.

You there, stop bitching about your 9 to 5 job. You are at a better place with lots of chicks around. And you get paid well. So stfu.

You don't even care to say Hi.  You got some AtTiTuDe problem huh? You know what? Drop your clothes and fucking wear your AtTiTude only.

You are so retarded. First you send me lovey dovey txts, and then you say "oh we are just friends".  Don't fucking play with my mind. You are just a friend to me. Don't expect me to hold your hand or kiss you on your neck. I will fucking break your neck if you go around telling people that I'm your bf.

You bastard. I trusted you.

You confuse me. Because of you, I'm confused. Confusion is because of you.

You are so shameless. How many fucking times do I have to tell you that we are just friends? But no, all the time, you are all over me. It fucking annoys me. Back off!

You are a sadist. I thought you were a good person. But fuck, even you are just like the others.

You there, I fucking trusted you. And you fucked up my case, totally.

You make me feel like shit. You talk and act like as if you are a grown up woman. But no! Wait! Whooosh! Reality check! You are just another typical loose retarded egoistic teenager with no sense of purpose. Stop fucking with my mind. Stop punishing me for all the wrong things. I fucking don't deserve this.

And You! Yes You! You there!

Please come back. I miss you.