Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sweet Death

You showed me love.
Just an inch of it.
I flew with you, spontaneously.
To a place so beautiful.

But then you seized it.
Took it all away.
I'm falling now.
There's no one to catch me.

Lied to everyone.
Lied to myself.

Deceived life.
That I was happy.
Deceived myself.
That it will work out.

Forgetting how to breathe.
How to breathe without you.
Suffocation has taken over.
Waiting for the end.

Looking down a path.
The road less traveled.
So sharp, so crimson and red.
I need it more than anything.

All I drink is pain.
Every drop of blood drained.
Pain shooting through my body.
Through every vein.

I wait for your slightest whisper.
But you can't hear me screaming your name.
And in these dying moments.
I crave for your love, but in vain.

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Aparajita Paul said...

Avril Lavign-ish.