Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh so

You in front of me.
Oh so curvaceous.
The sparkle in your eyes
Oh so glorious
Your crimson red lips.
Oh so luscious.
Your breath on my skin.
Oh so pervious.
Your lips on mine.
Oh so infectious.
My every sense.
Oh so delirious.
In each others arms.
Oh so tenacious.
Sing the song of love.
Oh so melodious.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Only You

You deserve better, is all I hear from you.
I don't want better, for there is nothing as such.
I replace the pain, I replace the tears.
With memories that I'll always hold inside.
I'll do anything, for a place in your heart.
I'll give up everything, just to be with you.
I'll hold on to you, until my last breath.
If it's my fate, then forever I shall wait.
I don't want better.
I want only you.
Ahem <3

Sweet Death

You showed me love.
Just an inch of it.
I flew with you, spontaneously.
To a place so beautiful.

But then you seized it.
Took it all away.
I'm falling now.
There's no one to catch me.

Lied to everyone.
Lied to myself.

Deceived life.
That I was happy.
Deceived myself.
That it will work out.

Forgetting how to breathe.
How to breathe without you.
Suffocation has taken over.
Waiting for the end.

Looking down a path.
The road less traveled.
So sharp, so crimson and red.
I need it more than anything.

All I drink is pain.
Every drop of blood drained.
Pain shooting through my body.
Through every vein.

I wait for your slightest whisper.
But you can't hear me screaming your name.
And in these dying moments.
I crave for your love, but in vain.


Chased by ferocious wolves,
In a never ending forest,
Blood red clouds above,
I run, with all my strength...

Trapped in the midst,
Surrounded by death,
I close my eyes and pray,
For the inevitable pain to vanish...

The clouds disappear,
The howling fades away,
Moonlight falling on me,
The surrounding so serene...

Waiting for us to become one,
Starting to despise daylight,
Never want it to come,
You are my moonlight...

My Everything

Won't let this die.
Everything's nothing without you.
I'll wait till my eyes turn dry.
To hear those words from you.

It's true.
Without you, I'm nothing.

My heart and soul, these words are.
Bleeding heart, you'll never know.
So close to me, yet so far.
I won't ever let go.

It's true.
Without you, I'm nothing.

Hold me as I fall apart.
Whisper sweet nothings.
Mend my broken heart.
You are my everything.

It's true.
Without you, I'm nothing.

Heaven On Earth

I see my face in your eyes,
You see your face in my eyes,
We embrace each other,
Our hearts beat as one,
Your warm breath,
On my cold skin,
Cleansing me of all my sins,
We stand under the naked moonlight,
Countless stars above,
With you it's,
Heaven on earth, my love.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Words and deeds, sharp as a blade.
Scar my heart, forever the pain will stay.

Words and deeds, more beautiful than heaven.
Heal the wounds, I will never walk away.

Demons of the future, haunt my soul.
Serenity in thy presence.
Take to me a place, oh so peaceful.

Waiting for our souls to meet.
Everything so bittersweet.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm so awesome.