Thursday, January 17, 2008

How To Get Famous In Lucknow.

1. Form a band
2. Cover songs from mainstream bands (LP,Greenday,Jal,Nirvana,Metallica and some unholy indian stuff)
3. Create a community on Orkut.
4. Send invites/spread the word
5. Perform at some lame ass mall (crowd=uncles,aunties,kids and emo garlz)
6. More performances.
7. Talk shit about other bands.
8. Talk to emo garlz from the comm.
9. Get laid (highly unlikely)

And voila! you are now a musician with a fan following!

There is quantity, but no quality.


Kandy said...

Could not agree more

Amjad... said...


.:Infektia:. said...

Umm, define emo girl.

Amjad... said...

The stereotypical emo kid cries everyday. He wears jeans so tight that you can see his junk. His shirts generally fit so close that you can see his nipples. He has dyed jet black hair, possibly with streaks of red, which he cuts himself and usually falls over on eye. Tattoos and piercings aren't uncommon. His hobbies include writing bad poetry, going to local shows, and playing horrible acoustic guitar. He pines after girls that he can't have, and those girls are commonly his good friends. It's a tough life. Oh, and the girls look and act almost exactly the same as the guys. Sometimes it's hard to tell them apart.

nikhita said...

sala byhearter :P
Metallica isnt a mainstream bitch

emo garls
thr are emo garls in lucknow?

nipples be seen hahah

khud ki izat utar raha he tu :S

nikhita said...

mainstream band bitch* :$

Amjad... said...

Metallica isn't a mainstream bitch? ROFL!

Yes, there are emo garls in lko, plenty plenty >_>

Kandy said...

i want emo gaarlfraand!!

Amjad... said...

Here you go.

Kandy said...


EccEntrIcIty pErsOnIfIEd said...

One emo gaarl fom me too !!!


Amjad... said...

Here you go :D