Saturday, September 22, 2007


A list of " Everything Everyday "

Sites that i visit everyday.

Apps that i use everyday.

Mozilla Firefox
MSN Messenger
Yahoo Messenger

Artists that i listen to everyday.

Mandy Moore
Breaking Benjamin

One word that i listen to everyday.

Monday, September 10, 2007

My Personality Chart

Check This Out....Weird.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Joy Of Giving......

Last week has been really special for me. I've realized a few things which sure have changed the way i look at life now...the whole perspective..has changed.

I like to introduce you to Mr.A (identity with held), a 35 something, married,father of 3. He lives in a small house, a room actually,with a bathroom. His monthly income is around 1500 rupees. Monthly rent is 900rupees, 100 rupees for the school fees. That leaves him with 500 rupees for clothing,food and other requirements. Survival in this kind of financial position is very very difficult,almost impossible these days.

He comes to our house a few times every week, just to hang around and talk about things. He never asks for "monetary help".

Now, my monthly pocket money/allowance is 2000rupees, half the money i spend on magz,novels,cds. Half the money on petrol,mobile. There is certainly a waste of money. Last week i decided to do something. Something that i'll stick to no matter what happens. Ive decided to help out Mr.A, financially. Yesterday, i went to his house. He was more than glad to see me and he literally hugged me. It felt weird, in a nice way. I talked to him about the "monetary help", and he refused, giving that i'm-so-embarrassed smile. I convinced him and gave him 700rupees. Trust me,he had tears in his eyes. I told him, "100 are for the school fees, the boys education shouldn't be compromised,these boys are your future. And the rest for your other expenses."
This whole thing is just between us two, no one knows about it.And i want it to be that way, i told him. When i was about to leave he just gave me this hug which lasted forever, he was crying. That hug was different from the first one, it was so full of harmony,joy,peace and love. I told him to be brave and believe in the power of prayer and god. The moment i came out of his house, i felt this sudden chill down my spine, goosebumps kinda thing. I was walking down the street and had this big smile on my face, i don't know why.

Now, my allowance has gone down to 1300rupees, and i don't feel bad at all. I'll be helping him out every month. And yeah, next week, there's a wedding in our locality, and i've already donated 300rupees today, for the food. It feels so awesome! I don't know, but it feels so good from the inside when i see people happy...

Now let me clarify a few things. I'm not typing this whole thing just to show people how "generous" or "fluffy"i am, no. I don't want to impress girls and make them go "oh! hes so nice, i'll ask him out.",no. I don't want to get laid,no. I just want you, my brothers and my brother's sisters, to experience the joy of giving. Its a feeling thats worth,umm, i don't know how many zillion dollars.

Just look at the world around you. This world needs you. If people, like you and me, give generously, this world will turn into a better place,thats for sure. We are slaves of the materialistic world. We don't own things, things own us.

In the words of Tyler Durden :

"We are products of lifestyle obsession. Murder, crime, poverty do not concern me. What concerns me are celebrity magazines, television with five hundred channels and a designer name on my underwear"

Just ignore the murder,crime,poverty part.You get the picture.