Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ulcers <--> Mountain Dew

So this is what i got recently...ulcers...and i told my dad about it..the first thing he said "No Mountain Dew Now"

Whats with ulcers and mountain dew? :S
Wokay,i admit, im addicted to dew, 4-5 cans everyday, but...whats the thing with ulcers?
Last year,i was throwing up blood..wokay, not literally, it came out,in a very small amount, when i went *cough* *cough* doctors said that it was due to excess of menthol in my lungs, and menthol is found in.... dew! And unfortunately, the doc told my dad abt this, and then there was "the ban"... well, everything got back to normal....(4-5 cans everyday) when this ulcer thingy happened...and now theres "the ban" again... god help me...
(im still drinking 4-5 cans everyday...muahahaha...the fridge is so big,im hiding the cans in there....muahahaaha)